Early Wind Music Performance

. . . with a great noyse of mistralsye, trumpets, cornets and shawmes, and great plenty of waxe torches lighted" - masque for Richard II


Round-the-world cruise offered by the Maritime Museum of B.C.


You can join the voyage for the amazingly low price of $18!  


Your ship:  The Golden Hinde  

Departure: 450 years ago   

On-board entertainment: A Great Noyse Renaissance Band, featuring male chorus Drake’s Men 


. . .   Relive Sir Francis Drake’s great voyage around the world through a musical retelling from the perspective of the musicians who sailed with him.



The Maritime Museum of B.C. and A Great Noyse present an evening of music and adventure. Be a witness to Sir Frances Drake’s greatest achievement, through a retelling of his circumnavigation. Drake had musicians along with him on his voyage, and we give an imagined account of the trip from their perspective, accompanied by music that Drake would have known, performed on authentic period instruments, and featuring a group of male singers we have dubbed Drake’s Men.


Date: Saturday, June 23 

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Maritime Museum of B.C.,  Bastion Square, Victoria

Ticket price:  $18  ($15 for seniors and students)


Seating is limited. Reserve your cabin (ahem, seat) by phoning the Maritime Museum of B.C.  at 250-385-4222.