Early Wind Music Performance

. . . with a great noyse of mistralsye, trumpets, cornets and shawmes, and great plenty of waxe torches lighted" - masque for Richard II

Flemish Master - The World of Tielman Susato




Tielman Susato lived in 16th Century Antwerp, when it was the hub of European seagoing trade and commerce. He was a prolific composer and arranger, and ran a very successful music printing and publishing business.

For many years Susato played sackbut in a town band very similar to A Great Noyse. This provides a terrific opportunity for us to vividly recreate  his  music and tell the story of his life.


We do this through the device of a  speculative “journal” based on the events of his life, read by our own sackbut player, Bob Fraser. The journal is entertaining and, together with the music, will transport you back almost 500 years to life at the height of the European Renaissance.